Canisteo Service Medallion

I received the following e-mail tonight (August 4,2001) from Geddis Kerr and am presenting it to my visitors as an option. It looks like a very nice memorial to our service aboard the "old gray lady".

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Dave, I enjoyed my visit to your web site. I served in the radio gang 1946-47 as part of Highjump.

For our reunion in Sept 2001, I have had the attached medallion made up through a friend of mine.
They usually cost $9.75 plus $2.75 handling/shipping. I am able to get the medallion/ribbon for $3.50 total.

If any one who served on the AO99 sends me their name they can have a personal medallion for that price.
The deadline is December 1, 2001. I would also need their address to send the medallion.


E-mail order to Mr. Kerr here