Hi, I was a crew member from March 55 to Jan.57. Navy time July 54 to June 58.

After the tour on the Canisteo I put a ammo ship into commission ,AE22 and went to the west coast on her. Great 4 years of my life.

I reported aboard the tanker in Norfolk in March 55. In the late spring we went to the Brooklyn Navy Yard and then to the Todd shipyard in Hoboken , N.J. They removed a large crane that was on the port side just aft of mid ship.After the yard we went to Gtmo ,Cuba.

Jan.56 went to the Med. 6th Fleet. On the way over two mine sweepers collided wih us on the starboard side while refueling them. The first one cracked her hull so a tug towed her back to the states. THe second one didn't break the hose connection and wrapped the hose around uor screws. That put us into the yard in Gilbralter. On the way back in June there was a fire in the fireroom of all places.The crew cut a hole near the stack to get water on it. Fun cruise!

Sometime after that we refueled two Battleships at the same time ,one on the port and the other on the starboard side. We were kind of sandwiched in between them. The New Jersey was one of them. Then we did some refueling of Navy blimps at sea and underway. The Canisteo could Do it.

56 we went up to Halifax,N.S. Cana a and operated in the cold. I think we refueled their dds. When I left the Cando in 57 I saw her in Gtmo,Cuba when I was on my way to the west coast. I pulled liberty with some ex shipmates in Gtmo City. We were having a great time and Castro troops attacked the town. Needless to say he ruined our liberty that day. By the way ,I caught a Tarpon fishing there, off the ship. Hope this wasn't too long.

Jim Kaminski
Ex electrician's mate.


I saw the history about the ship and when the ship was in the Todd ship yard thats when we went over to the docks to unload mail from merchant marine ships. I know I carried a lot of mail. The long shoremen were on strike. Also the fire on the cargo ship was in a dry dock next to the Canisteo.It was a real kick to read about those things . At least , after all these years I have the satisfaction that somebody did care.