Photos taken from the Fleet Tug USS Muncee ATF-107

The photos on this page were taken by Sid Harris, a crewman aboard the Tug Muncee who fought the AO-59 fires. These photos were previously unknown and were presented at the USS Mississinewa Reunion April 18-19, 1999

Final view

Last seconds of the USS Mississinewa at Ulithi - Nov. 20, 1944

Additional photos added 1/17/00

1) Capt. Pingley, USS Muncee ATF-107 directs a stream of water towards the fantail of the USS Mississinewa AO-59. 2) Deck and bulkhead blow out after a 6:05AM explosion from the 5"-38 magazine exploding. This was 20 minutes after the initial "kaiten" attack as fires quickly spread aft from the bow! 3) Water creeps over the well deck as AV gas burns on the water forward where the bow had been.

1) USS Muncee ATF-107 still tied up on the starboard side of the AO-59 with the tanker well deck almost completely submerged! 2) Crew of the USS Muncee ATF-107 watch the USS Mississinewa AO-59 sink after a 2.5 hour fire fighting effort!

1) Last seconds of the AO-59 with only the screws visible above the water! 2) AV gas and NSFO still burning on the water as the USS Mississinewa AO-59 slips from sight with small craft standing by!

1) USS Muncee ATF-107 arrives on the scene approaching the USS Mississinewa AO-59 from the port side. 2) Muncee moves to starboard side away from the heavy smoke! 3) View from the USS Muncee ATF-107 with a 20mm gun in the foreground.